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College Property

There is one building that houses 24 classrooms in the primary section spread over 63-perch-land and another building that houses 40 classrooms in 46.5-perch-land in the secondary section.

Sports Facilities

We have a spacious outdoor playground for athletics and other team sports like cricket, football, volleyball, netball, and badminton. We also hire qualified and experienced coaches for each of these sports practices after school hours.

Multimedia Unit

We have a multimedia unit with Wi-Fi, and train our students to become announcers, comperes, presenters, commentators, newsreaders, photographers and videographers from a young age to become self-confident citizen journalists and then professional journalists if they aspire to such a career.


The school has two school libraries – one in the Primary Section and another in the Secondary Section.

Computer Lab

We have a computer lab which consists of 36 computers with Wi-Fi access and a multimedia projector. We have hired a qualified ICT instructor to teach the public-school ICT syllabus at Rahula College from grades 9 to 11 and a specially designed ICT syllabus from grades 6 to 8.

CCBT Campus

We have collaborated with CCBT Campus and installed their computer lab inside Rahula College premises with 30 computers, a smart board, a multimedia projector and Wi-Fi access. CCBT Campus currently offers additional computer courses for grades 1 to 5 students in Rahula College. These courses are offered to the students free of charge by the school.


There is a cafeteria in each for both the primary school and the secondary school of Rahula College for the students and the staff to have snacks during intervals.

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