Rahula College has the below mentioned facilities for its students.

There is one building that houses 24 classrooms in the primary section spread in 63-perch-land and another building that houses 22 classrooms in 46.5-perch-land in the secondary section and once the structure of the second building is completed in near future, it will host 40 classrooms altogether.
We have a multimedia unit with Wi-Fi, and train our students to become announcers, comperes, presenters, commentators, newsreaders, photographers and videographers from a young age to become self-confident citizen journalists and then professional journalists if they aspire such a career.
The school has two school libraries – one with around 700 books in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages at the Primary Section – and – another with around 540 books in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages at the Secondary Section.
We have a computer lab which consists of 36 computers with Wi-Fi access and a multimedia projector. We have hired a qualified ICT instructor to teach the public school ICT syllabus at Rahula College from Grade 9 to 11 and specially designed ICT syllabus from Grade 6 to 8.
There is a cafeteria each for both the primary school and the secondary school of the Rahula College for the students and the staff to have snacks during intervals.
The school has hired a dedicated professional security service to protect the students and the premises. The school is covered with 24/7 CCTV feed which is monitored around the clock.