Message from the Principal

It is with a great pleasure that I deliver this message at the dawn of the new academic year. Launching a web site is a long felt need for all the stake holders including parents, well-wishers and internal school community to meet at a common platform to get to know what the school offers the community; news, strategies, achievements and other useful knowledge regarding its service. The Sri Rahula College embraced new technology quite easily and is transforming itself to use it productively in every area across the institution for the benefit of its community. Whatever the strategy we plan, our maim focus is paid on the child.

Childhood is a gift for a child to learn, grow, enjoy and experience the life at his or her own pace both at home and school. Therefore, choosing the right formal education for a child when he or she is ready for school is so important for the parent as well as the child. If a school is run independently, it has much flexibility to create and innovate things to promote education by using its own resources and expertise knowledge. Some of the components of perfect education aimed for school children should have focus oninteresting learning activities to the ability level of each, decency in behaviour, mannerism, tolerance, mutual respect, moral values and strong student leadership skills powered by sound education etc.

Therefore, I believe that Rahula’s presence, here in Anuradhapura, provides a valuable opportunity for the parents who have been aspiring to educate their children in English medium in a secure disciplined and student friendly environment with sound cultural and educational background. Let me assure Rahula’s transparency in academic and administration affairs as well as its seriousness delivering right education and earnestness in rekindling national thinking.I do suppose that home-like resourceful school environment in perfect religious setting may help the childtransform himself entirely as well as spontaneously. Moreover, the clarity in the language policy which recommends learning in English medium (by-lingual stream) to acquire knowledge at all levels in academic studies as well as social interactions serves for the purpose. I am sure the encouragement given to master the mother tongue-Sinhala seriously and to express it effectively and eloquently in all forms would please the child as well as parents. The other aspects of the curriculum such as, the prominence given to Computing and IT by introducing a comprehensive syllabus so that the child becomes an able producer at school age, evidence the institute’s futurist approach. I do really point out these facts as an educationist so that every parent would be knowledgeable about what the school provides the child and make sure it matches him or her. I am sure Rahula’s more than a decade’sexperience; existence and expansion speak a lot here to prove its prowess. Our belief is that every learner should grow to his maximum potential level and the main focus is paid in every strategy on this. Hence the curriculum is being enriched continually to provide immense opportunities for every learner singly.

Having a qualified staff, resources a team of professional administrative team and visionary board of management who are all knit and bound together are the ingredients of the success story. It is my wish thatRahula overcomes any adversity to create a secured future for the children of the land of Rajarata and produces wholesome citizens who truly serve love and protect the country and raise the standards of the communities to the global level in all the aspects of humanity. I would like to appreciate and extend my thanks to the honourable Chairman,Mr.Roshan N.Thennakoon,the manager ,Ms.Sewwandi Thennakoon and the assistant manager,Mr.Naveendra Samaraweera for the generous efforts taken to upgrade the school continually by providing all the resources needed. I wish all the stakeholders good luck and all the blessings of the noble Triple Gem.