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Principal’s Message

“Education is a joyful discovery”

We believe that joyful learning always helps children to find ways and opportunities to experience emotions in delightful behaviors and to attend their studies through meaningful interactions not only in the contexts specified to them but in many areas beyond the general curricula. In this regard, we are very keen and careful to create an environment that comprises a team of very dedicated, qualified, and innovative teachers, responsive classmates, team leaders, peer groups, and a committed panel of professionals in the senior management for supervision, monitoring and giving feedback.

We often stimulate our students for self-engaged learning experiences, we encourage students to ask critical questions and raise arguments, and students themselves to strengthen their power of problem-solving, and find conclusions of their own.

We firmly believe that an educational atmosphere, focused on fostering independent learning provides, a diverse assortment of benefits to globally exposed students. We have been experiencing many dilemmas for years until today. We suffered during the pandemic period.  We are sure our students are confident enough to find their manners to acquire new knowledge and real-world skills in any hard-hitting condition, through our inspiration; “learning is a joyful discovery”.

Our staff is highly motivated and facilitated to guide each child to continue their education in any kind of critical situation, through the introduced Learning Management Systems (LMS), a variety of project-based & guided learning procedures and approaches to acquire knowledge and skills through experiments and exploration.    

We are very keen on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities too. Creating leaders through many leadership development programs is a vital emphasis given by the school. Sri Rahula College has given a prominent place for all categories of sports events, ranging from athletics, team games, swimming, chess, and many other individual and team sports events. At the same, we have also given a big focus to pursue our cultural and traditional values, aesthetic inspirations, personality development, and many aspects of developing social skills.

We aim to create spiritually and academically empowered citizens. The vision and the passion of Our chairperson, Mr. Roshan Thennakoon and the board of directors, towards the overall school management and operation, need to be very well noted and appreciated.

Our dedicated academic and administrative staff strengthen themselves immensely in overall school functioning. The collective assistance given by all parents of Sri Rahula College is an exceptional encouragement to the school. We are sure with the help of all our strengths, we can raise Sri Rahula College to the summit of Global education in the province, the country and finally the globe.

Let’s all together, pursue ‘learning is for a joyful discovery’

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