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Welcome to Sri Rahula College – Anuradhapura

Sri Rahula College – Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka – a distinguished school dedicated to providing excellent education in the North Central Province. Our curriculum is tailored to local and international needs, and we offer an English medium orientation that ensures students receive a well-rounded education. Backed by a team of highly qualified educators, we prioritize top-notch ICT education, language proficiency, and a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our comprehensive facilities include a well-equipped IT laboratory, library, advanced science laboratories, and ample sports opportunities.

At our school, we believe in nurturing each student’s potential through personalized guidance, fostering confidence, character, and a lifelong passion for learning. Our close-knit community fosters both academic accomplishments and personal growth. We offer an affordable fee structure and a commitment to individual attention, ensuring that your child gains access to a world of knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes.

Rahula College thrives as a dynamic learning hub where curiosity and academic pursuit are encouraged to flourish. Our students are presented with boundless avenues to uncover and pursue their passions. Within our diverse community, deeply rooted in Sri Lankan identity and values, students and teachers alike are eager to be part of this educational journey. The profound enthusiasm for learning and growth creates a truly joyful environment.

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Celebrating a Remarkable Milestone!

 Oshadi Kodagoda
The First Engineering Student of Sri Rahula College
She outshined her studies in English medium by achieving outstanding results in her G.C.E O/L examination, paving the way for a bright future.
Continuing her education at Rahula College in the mathematics stream (English medium), she succeeded in the 2022 A/L examination with two ‘A’ passes and a ‘B,’ earning her a desirable spot in the engineering faculty. She’s a shining example that English-medium education is no longer an obstacle for students in the North Central Province.

The Grand Celebration of the Children’s Day Sri Rahula College.



What our students say

 First of all, I am proud to be a student of Sri Rahula college. The reason for that is because of the care, knowledge and personality that I need to move forward in life.  I am very proud about the achievements our school has achieved through extra-curricular activities.  The academic knowledge I gained from the school is exceptional. Through it, I was able to get higher marks in every subject in the exams.  Another experience I gained from school is leadership training.  It was a great help for me as well as other prefects to build up their lives.  I wish my school every success in the future.

Luthira Thenul Bandara-(Grade 11)

I’ve been studying in Sri Rahula College since the beginning of my school life and my school experience has been truly exceptional. The innovative curriculum, caring educators, and engaging atmosphere have fostered a love for learning within me. The opportunities for exploration and growth are abundant, both academically and socially. I appreciate how my school values individuality while also promoting teamwork. It’s a place where I’ve not only gained knowledge but also forged lasting friendships.

T.M.Nooman Miskin (Grade 11)

Sri Rahula College in Anuradhapura is known for its excellent teaching methods and dedicated staff. The emphasis on English communication within the school is particularly beneficial for students’ future prospects. This focus on English has personally helped me in my post-school experiences. The school’s commitment to effective teaching and language skills is commendable.

It’s wonderful to hear that Sri Rahula College is in a phase of continuous development, aiming for excellence. I’m very proud of being a student there reflects the positive and nurturing environment the school provides. May our school’s journey towards achieving the highest standards be successful and fulfilling for all its students and staff.

Sailama Chiththa Sumithraarachchi (past pupil)

Rahula College is an excellent institution for pupils who seek love, care, good teaching expertise and good learning environment. Speaking of learning environment of the school, the classrooms are nice and have space rather than being packed and students can learn unprejudiced without any turmoil. Naturally the teachers are brilliant and they search and make student’s every side of skill to the highest point of greatness through their teaching expertise of excellence. Since Rahula College is complete from every side of education, they paid their attention to extra-curricular activities as well. Recently, there have been many achievements from sports sector to every curricular activity that a school can handle. The school develops day by day to greatness and overall Rahula College is an excellent institution for every young scholar.

 Neo Yenul (Grade 10)

Everybody should have a good start in their life. Having a good education is a great path to success. Anuradhapura Sri Rahula College is one of the best school in North Central province that dedicated to provide excellent education, skills and good attitudes for her children. It was established in year 2007 as a semi government school. Mr. Roshan Thennakon is the person who laid the foundation for this school. Sri Rahula college consist three sections as preschool, primary school and secondary school. Sri Rahula secondary school has 3 story building consist with class rooms, computer lab, science lab, library, canteen and sanitary facilities for students. There is a playground in front of the school. There are about 600 students and 40 teachers in the secondary section of the school. Sri Rahula college is the best place for children to have the education.

K.G.Sanuli Thisadhima Kodagoda (Grade 10)

Sri Rahula College Anuradhapura was established in the year 2007 by the managing director Mr. Roshan Thennakoon along with him the manager Mrs. Sewwandi Thennakoon and the deputy manager Mr. Navindra Samaraweera fulfilling the waited desire of the parents and the students of the North Central Province. Our school’s vision, values, and behavioral expectations are symbolized in the sense of togetherness. Our school provides a safe learning-focused environment for all the students of our school in which all students are encouraged to become confident, and independent in learning and improving their talents in the best manner that fits into the national as well as international level!

H.M Sadini Senesha (Grade 11)

I’m Devminie Abeyrathna. It’s been years travelling with my school and I’m mostly delighted that a few years are ahead. First and foremost, I am honestly grateful to be cast as a student of my school Sri Rahula College. The reason behind this is that our school offers exceptional opportunities in every form, educational and extracurricular. Normally students have to seek opportunities which gain self-confidence. But, the opportunities fly towards you to just accept in my school. Most importantly the school curriculum is second to none. I confidently express that every student in Rahula is cared for and loved equally. The school made me realize that something confident and can is within me. I’m thankful that Rahula made me wear my outfit which is self-confidence.

The management and teachers support me in every possible aspect to upgrade me. At this age it remarkably makes me feel like a support system is there even if I fall. I am thankful for every member of the non-academic staff who made a comfortable and wonderful environment for us. My school is not just a school everyone thinks of it’s my home where I grew and created myself.

Dewmini Abeyrathna (A/L Student)


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