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Sri Rahula College Anuradhapura was established in the year 2007, fulfilling the long-awaited desire of the parents and students in the North Central Province. Our school mission, values and behavioral expectations are embodied in the sense of togetherness. All staff and children, parents and visitors are expected to behave in a manner that is Safe, Respectful, Honest, Responsible and Courteous. Sri Ruhala College provides a safe learning-focused environment in which all children are encouraged to become confident independent learners and able to take advantage of the opportunities available. Our aim is for every child to be challenged to reach his or her full potential. We give the care and attention one would expect from a small school whilst also providing a wide variety of educational experiences normally associated with that of a larger school. The College assures a quality education on par with the local syllabus, plus experience to a whole new learning culture for your child in making them worthy citizens of future Sri Lanka. The academic staff and the school facilities provide the students with the best opportunities to equip themselves to overcome the challenges of a world that requires much more than conventional education. We think ahead and we prepare our children to think ahead of the time and life beyond the present and to be the change they want to be. 

The school conducts classes both in Sinhala and English medium and prepares the students to follow their secondary education in the English medium. The school environment protects the rich Sri Lankan culture and values. The multiethnic and the multicultural background of the school lead the students to become the stakeholders of a unified nation and a cohesive society. Our motto “Discipline Brings Prosperity” sums up our vision of the future that awaits your child to phase in.

Our Vision

Contributing to the development of a better society

Our Mission

To produce persons who are equipped with all the necessary competencies useful to the society, well-disciplined and fit into the national as well as international levels; and to dedicate for a great service of fulfilling social expectations.

Our Belief

Every child is unique. 

Every child can learn. 

Every child should be looked after and cared for. 

Our Motto

“Discipline Brings Prosperity”