Rahula College, Anuradhapura started in 2007 with just two students. The College was established in response to the growing demand for a school in the North Central province which could provide quality education in an English-speaking environment with Sri Lankan values.

Although its beginning was humble with few numbers of pupils, today Sri Rahula College has earned a reputation as the only government approved private school in the North Central Province offering subjects in the national curriculum. The primary section consists of two streams, which are Sinhala medium and English medium. In the secondary grades, pupils from grade 6 onwards follow only the bilingual subject stream. This implementation has especially been determined to prepare pupils for higher education and arm them with English language competencies. The distinct feature prevailing at Sri Rahula College is that the children learn in multi-racial, multi-religious, and multi-cultural environments, which ultimately pave the way for peace and national reconciliation.

Through an arduous journey amidst much hardships and sacrifices, Sri Rahula College has carved out a niche as the most premier school in the North Central Province providing a wholesome child-centered education in modern times.

From a mere two students on its first day, the present population has been strengthened to about 1060 students and the teaching staff consists of 60 well-qualified professional teachers.

Rahula College in 2007