Volunteers and Support


We Need Foreign Volunteers

Sri Rahula College, Anuradhapura is welcome foreign volunteers who could teach our students for selected subjects in the English medium. We employ local teachers in the school for the regular timetable but need volunteers to challenge the students through more innovative and multimedia-based activities besides the usual regular classroom studies.

Areas of Volunteering

We are currently seeking foreign volunteers in the fields of:

  1. Teaching English Language
  2. Teaching ICT
  3. Teaching Nursery Students
  4. Teaching Aesthetic Subjects (dancing, music, painting, etc.)
  5. Coaching Sports


We charged a nominal fee from our student because of the low income level of the parents in this province whose primary source of income is gained through farming. Therefore we lack the financial capital required to implement IT infrastructure development, sports facility development and school expansion projects. Therefore we welcome foreign NGOs/ Individuals who wish to aid education sector in Sri Lanka.

Sponsor a Student

We have around thirty students who are unable to pay their school fees. We seek help from sponsors to help pay their school fees for a limited period, between 6 months to a year. In the meantime, we will evaluate each student’s performance, how dedicated their parents are for school-related activities and whether the parents improve their income. We don’t believe in providing unending help, as it can spoil the people’s entrepreneurship and their desire to better themselves. We always encourage families to improve their income levels. If you are able and willing to sponsor a student, please email us at info@rahulacollage.edu.lk or call us on +9425-4934081 or +9471-9690844. Then we will send you the names of the students who need assistance so that you could select one.

Sponsor a Multimedia Projector for Each Classroom

We have seen how attentive the students are when multimedia content is used during lessons. We need a multimedia projector for each classroom but cannot afford them at the present time. The gift of a multimedia projector for a classroom would be very welcome.

Contact Details

Hotline:+9425-4934081 / +9471-9690844