Frequently Asked Question ?

How can I assure the quality of the Education?

The students at Rahula are brought up in a cultured environment based on Buddhist principles, while fostering other main religions. Our belief that is, “a disciplined student life” is always a plus factor for healthy growth of the child and also it has paved the way for academic excellence. Immense opportunities have been provided for students to engage in activity based learning. The child centred learning model which teachers practice in classroom teaching has brought forward maximum student participation in lessons and also has helped maintain very good student attendance records and retention. The academic excellence at the primary level and specially grade 5 scholarship and ordinary level exams are unmatchable and the best among the top schools in the province according to the ministry of education ranking.

State sponsorshipCurriculumeducation delivery

Rahula is a government approved private school which is managed by an efficient and scholarly governing body under a strong leadership. The institution is partnered with professional Tertiary level Educational Institutes for students to furthering knowledge in related, out of the syllabus disciplines. The text books, syllabi and teacher’s guides which are compiled by scholars and prescribed and issued by the National Institute of education help maintain high quality knowledge ddelivery.Thereby teachers have to practise quality teaching to fulfil the modern day learner expectations. The academic staff consists of qualified and experienced teachers and exposed to continuous update of knowledge according to the demands. The island level achievers in music, English Language, Dancing, and also athletics and sports evidence the opportunities for growth. The students’ performance level at the internal term exams and also at evaluation tests indicates the learner commitment and teaching excellence. The college maintains zero level violence, bullying and vandalism. The factors such as religious tolerance and decent respected and resourceful learning environment have been highly contributed for the parent loyalty. Rahula attracts best teachers with proven track records and provide immense resources for professional practice!

Monitoring and Evaluation

The school follows the usual term end examinations to analyse the students’ knowledge and issue progress reports. At the same time the teachers plan further coaching needed based on the findings. The teachers’ as well as students’ performances are closely monitored and evaluated to maintain high standards. The parent –teacher interaction sessions are held at the end of each term for the parent to meet the subject teacher as well as the school administration. In addition to that the school based assessment scheme is in operation for continuous assessment of the student work throughout the year.

Individual Attention

Every learner has been attended to upgrade hisher performance in variety of activities such as academic, aesthetic, leadership, communication and social etc. Special coaching for every slow learner is given at remedial classes. The pupils’ attendance in them and parents’ encouragement in sending the children for such sessions are clear indicators of attention paid. Record keeping regarding student behaviour, learning, participation and leading have been so useful for slow learners and students with special needs. The school counselling unit operates with collaboration of all the class teachers and parents to identify, guide and counsel needy students. The belief, “Every Child can learn, but at his own pace” addresses equity in education at Rahula.

Leadership Trainingfreedom and opportunities to grow

Every child is given equal chance to emerge as leaders. Class monitors, subject leaders, prefects and leaders of the clubs and societies are selected on merit basis .A well set selection criteria, selection panel and initial training mechanism have been designed and implemented for the purpose.Tje child grows independently and build confidence .The school environment has been so formed for the child to reach the teachers and the principal with no hindrance and communicate freely and seek assistance. The mutual respect is highly valued in the school community. The high participation of Rahulians in various activities indicates their enthusiasm and forwardness to face challenges, experience and improve themselves.

School policies for exemplary behaviour

A well thought set of school policies have been followed for smooth functioning of the school and made available for the stake holders. The children are expected the school disciplinary code strictly. The values such as honesty, being empathetic, respecting each other, and also practices such as punctuality, truthfulness and self-reliance are encouraged and appreciated. The behaviour of a child reflects the education he has acquired, so does his uniform and physical appearance to a great extent.