About City Kids’ Kindergarten

The nursery section of Sri Rahula College has carved out a niche as the most sought after English Medium pre-school in the city. The opportunities provided for our kids in the relevant age groups have been designed specifically to enable a holistic education which addresses their physical, mental as well as emotional needs.

In addition to annual programmes such as Bhakti Gee, Exhibition, Children’s Day, and the Year-end concert, the kids engage in lively daily activities such as games, rhymes, painting, aesthetic programmes, religious activities and field trips etc. Children develop basic life skills, social skills and especially English language and communication skills spontaneously. Orderliness, sound mannerisms, willingness to share, readiness to help each other via sound interaction skills in a well-designed and safe learning environment are what our dear parents wish for their kids. Our vision for our kids is indeed the same.
City Kids’ Montessori prepares the kids for the regular primary education starting from grade one. We are proud of the unmatched delivery of our educational services rendered by both our academic and non-academic staff members guided and directed by the school management.


To be the most child friendly, creative and innovative pre-school with unmatched teaching excellence in the region.


We are committed to create an ideal learning environment for our kids by maximizing all the resources and opportunities for them to learn, experience and grow under the tenderly care of the best academic professionals in the industry.

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Sri Rahula College Anuradhapura

623/22, Freeman Mawatha, Anuradhapura

Sri Lanka.

Tel: 025 493 40 83

Mob: 071 842 62 37
Mob: 071 969 08 40

Email: rahulavidyalaya@yahoo.com

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